Josh Matula

Irrigation and De-icing Manager

Meet Josh Matula, Irrigation and De-icing Manager at Madison Lawn Care of Sioux Falls. Josh grew up in Madison and has been working with the company since 2008. He began working full time in 2018 at the Sioux Falls branch and took initiative to lead the daily Fertilizer & Weed Control operations. Josh has over 5 years of experience with Chemical Applications and continues to play an instrumental role in the company. With the rapid expansion of the Sioux Falls location in 2015, he became the manager of the De-icing and Irrigation departments and has provided key oversight to these divisions. Josh takes pride in his work and loves being part of MLC’s growth and the constantly evolving industry.

Josh’s absolute favorite things include being outside with his two sons and playing fetch with his dog, Hemi. He enjoys being with his family, especially movie nights with the kids and his girlfriend, Crystal. One of his hobbies is spending time in his garage working on anything with an engine. He jokes, “Long walks on the beach aren’t my thing, but if you get a couple of lawn chairs at the beach I’ll sit there and visit for as long as you want.”