Water Features

Add Peace to Your Backyard

Let Madison Lawn and Landscape create a serene oasis in your yard with a custom water feature. A water feature offers a unique focal point for your outdoor space that is tailored to your specific landscape design. We can create anything from small waterfalls and bubblers, large-scale handmade waterfalls, or poolside features. Call our certified staff to have a water feature designed for your outdoor space.

Could your outdoor living area use an upgrade? A water feature is a great way to add another layer to your landscaping. Madison Lawn & Landscape can install beautiful waterfalls, streams or ponds to enhance your backyard and create a peaceful atmosphere to enjoy with family and friends.


A waterfall is a beautiful addition to any property. Whether your project is big or small, the team at Madison Lawn & Landscape will help you bring your vision to life.


Take your waterfall a step further with a stream. We can help you design a stream that will weave through your landscaping for added tranquility and style.


If a waterfall or stream is not what you are looking for, a pond might be a better fit for your property. Madison Lawn & Landscape creates ponds that are the perfect place to relax or watch the sunset.

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Madison Lawn & Landscape offers complete year-round lawn care services, landscaping services, chemical treatments, full-service snow removal, and much more. Check out these additional landscape and lawn services for your home or business!

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