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Madison Lawn & Landscape offers fertilization, weed control and insect/disease management. We provide timely applications to keep your lawn thick, green and healthy. Unlike most companies, we include insect control in our second application without any additional fees. Our Chemical Technicians are licensed by the State of South Dakota and have been properly trained to apply chemicals safely and accurately.


Spring Application Step 1 includes a balanced liquid lawn food, pre-emergence for crabgrass and dandelion control, broadleaf weed control and an iron sulfur supplement. This application is important to prevent weeds from spreading and taking root in your lawn in the Spring. If weeds are allowed to grow and flourish, they will continue to reseed throughout the summer months.

Early Summer Application Step 2 includes a non-burning slow release liquid lawn food, sod webworm, grub control, broadleaf weed control and an iron sulfur supplement. This application is beneficial to the lawn and has added insect control included without any extra fees. Grub control is important because grubs are very damaging to the root system of the grass and birds and other animals will dig up the lawn to feed on these grubs.

Mid-Summer Application Step 3 includes a non-burning slow release lawn food, spot treatment of broadleaf weeds, spot treatment of sod webworm and pill bugs, and an iron sulfur supplement. As temperatures increase and the grass growth rate decreases, weeds will still flourish and grow. This application helps keep the grass growing under the stress of high heat while controlling the weeds during this dry time of year.

Early Fall Application Step 4 includes a non-burning slow release liquid lawn food, broadleaf weed control and an iron sulfur supplement. This step is important because Fall is the best time to tackle broadleaf weeds.

The Winterizer Step 5 includes a granular fertilizer application with iron and sulfur. This helps the lawn prepare for Winter and gives it a healthy head start in the Spring.

Madison Lawn & Landscape also holds high standards by offering quality customer service and products that have been thoroughly researched and tested. Our lawn fertilization and weed control products are a winning combination of effective granular and the highest efficiency liquids.

Ground Maintenance

This service is ideal to control any type of plant/weed growth on non-turf areas such as dirt, gravel drives and parking areas.

Acreage & Pasture Weed Control

We offer weed control applications that do not include fertilizer for large areas to help control weeds in a cost effective manner.

Rock Bed Weed Control

We apply a combination of granular and liquid pre-emergent in the landscape areas to help control weeds before they emerge and germinate. It is safe for your existing plants, flowers and shrubs and will not harm them.

Additional Services

Madison Lawn & Landscape offers complete year-round lawn care services, landscaping services, chemical treatments, full-service snow removal and much more. Check out these additional services for your home or business!

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