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Concrete Curbed Edging in Sioux Falls, SD

Edge Pros by Madison Lawn & Landscape is a professional concrete landscape edging installer in Sioux Falls, SD, serving much of South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa. Concrete edging, also known as landscape curbing, is a smart and practical way to beautify your yard’s landscape. It can be installed around houses, buildings, sheds, trees, flowerbeds, sidewalks, patios, play areas, gardens, and other landscape features. 

Whether you are designing or replacing newly constructed or existing landscaping features, Edge Pros can improve the look and increase the value of your home or business. Edge Pros offers several options when installing our custom concrete edging solutions. You are able to choose which shape, layout, color, and stamping pattern fits your style and needs. Concrete edging looks great when used around stamped or paver patios, and is perfect for tree rings. You will find that our professional concrete pouring team can create a concrete edging product that will compliment your existing landscaping, or become the foundation of your new landscape design. 

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Benefits of Concrete Curbed Edging

  • Mower-friendly, leaving little or no need for trimming.
  • Beautifully contains your mulch and landscaping.
  • Prevents weeds and grass from creeping into your mulch and garden areas.

Stamping adds character to your finished concrete landscape edging. We use a molded roller with the stamp pattern of your choice to create the desired impression.

Color Options

concrete colors

More colors are available. Actual product colors may vary depending on your monitor settings. Please visit us to see accurate color representation. We recommend sealing your concrete curbed edging every two years to preserve the color. Ask us about our bi-annual reseal program by calling 605.213.0434

  • Long lasting and low maintenance for peace of mind.
  • Will not move, rot or deteriorate or separate with the extreme Midwest weather.
  • Works well for homes, businesses, golf courses, schools and playgrounds.
concrete shapes

Four unique 6″ x 4″ profiles to select a style that meets your needs. Commercial square and 8″ x 8″ profiles are available for an additional charge.

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If you need additional information on concrete curbed edging, please reach out! The team at Edge Pros is excited to help you get your project started in South Dakota, Minnesota or Iowa. Whether you are interested in residential or commercial service, we have a stamp, color or curb option that will match your style. 

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No. All of the concrete is mixed on-site in a small trailer. It is then wheeled to the extruding machine using wheel barrows with large turf tires. All equipment is very small and lightweight, so there is virtually no wear and tear on your lawn.

The installation time varies from job to job based on footage and prep work involved. However, most jobs can be done in a matter of a few hours.

Since concrete edging is a continuous poured product, it is priced by the linear foot. Our cost is very comparable to the prices of other forms of installed edging. Each project is unique, and while we have a base starting point, the price can vary depending on factors such as prep, irrigation, stamp/style. Call today 605.213.0434 to have our experienced technicians make a property visit to provide an accurate analysis and price estimate.

Edge Pros is unique in that our price per foot includes: removal of old edging (plastic, pavers, or timbers), ground preparation, color choice, installation, optional stamping, and sealer.

The coloring we use is mixed into every batch of concrete. If the edging should ever scratch or chip, it will not be noticeable because the colorant is throughout the edging. We also use a UV resistant sealer to eliminate fading. We recommend the edging be re-sealed every other year. Edge Pros offers re-application of sealer in our service package, or you can do this on your own by purchasing sealer at your local hardware store.

Because the edging itself is concrete, it serves as its own footing. We use a sod cutter to form a trench about 2 inches deep and 9 inches wide where the edging is poured. Occasionally, we add a little sand to any low spots so the edging will be level.

Concrete edging is like any other type of concrete; it can and will crack. We alleviate most of the cracking by installing control joints every 2 feet. We also use fiberglass reinforcement and other additives to strengthen the concrete. We experience very little cracking in our product.

Yes. Edge Pros offers a two-year workmanship warranty on all installed edging. If the edging should separate or shift due to workmanship error or natural causes, we will repair it at no charge.

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