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Madison Lawn & Landscape offers a wide array of lawn maintenance services to meet all of your lawn care needs. From custom lawn mowing and trimming to seeding and sprinkler systems, our team has the knowledge and expertise to keep your lawn beautiful. All of our staff members who apply any type of chemical control are properly trained and licensed by the State of South Dakota. Trust our team for complete lawn care in Sioux Falls, SD.

Lawn Aeration

Madison Lawn & Landscape offers professional lawn aeration services for both residential lawns and commercial properties in the Spring or Fall.

We have a lawn aerator that mechanically and automatically removes small plugs of thatch and soil in the lawn. To keep your lawn looking the best it can year after year, Madison Lawn & Landscape recommends lawn aeration every year. Why should you consider having Madison Lawn & Landscape aerate your lawn? Simply put, lawn aeration is extremely beneficial to the lawn in the following ways:

  • Improves air exchange between the soil and the atmosphere.
  • Enhances soil water uptake.
  • Improves lawn fertilizer uptake and use.
  • Reduces water runoff and puddles.
  • Helps improve turf grass rooting.
  • Reduces soil compaction.
  • Helps the lawns heat and drought stress tolerance.
  • Improves lawn resiliency and cushioning.


Grass seeding is done with a commercial inter-seeder on existing turf or dirt areas. This service can help improve a thinning or patchy lawn. Each lawn has different needs and gets a different amount of sunlight. Madison Lawn & Landscape makes sure to evaluate each lawn to determine which type of seed blend will help create a lush, thick turf grass.


Madison Lawn Care can hydro-seed your lawn by utilizing professional hydro-seeding equipment, supplies and techniques. Due to applying a combination of seed, mulch, tackifier, fertilizer and pre-emergent; this process has high success rates for establishing new lawns or for helping restore an old lawn. Why should you consider hydro-seeding as an option for your new lawn at your residence or business? There are many advantages of hydro-seeding including:
  • Due to the seed, mulch and fertilizer combination this process has success in germinating.
  • Hydro-seeding can be very effective for hillside and sloping lawns to help with the erosion control and quick planting.
  • Hydro-seeding will typically cost less than sod.
  • Results are often quick with high germination rates producing grass growth in about a week. Also, if dirt work is needed we have the equipment to complete this process.
If the property does not have an in-ground sprinkler system we can install a temporary watering system that is set with a timer to help ensure growth.

Power Raking

This Spring service is a process of removing excess thatch in the lawn, which allows it to grow properly. Power Raking helps remove dead grass so that the soil can breath and readily absorb water and nutrients better. It also helps to promote new growth.

Spring & Fall Cleanup

In the Spring & Fall, we remove the leaves in the lawn and landscape areas. This service entails: removing unwanted debris from landscape areas, mowing over the grass several times and hand raking to remove thatch.

We also remove gravel and branches from the lawn. Removing the leaves in the Fall is highly beneficial because it helps reduce the chance of developing snow mold on the grass in the Spring.

Eaves & Downspout Cleaning

In the Spring and Fall, we remove leaves and debris from eaves and downspouts. We also flush water through the downspouts to remove any debris.

Custom Lawn Mowing & Trimming

We use new, cutting edge equipment to perform our professional lawn mowing and trimming services. Madison Lawn & Landscape sharpens the mower blades daily to ensure a quality, crisp cut.

Madison Lawn & Landscape’s custom lawn mowing service includes: bagging the grass, trimming around all of the landscape, as well as removing grass clippings and debris from patios, walkways and driveways.

We are your number one choice for lawn maintenance in Sioux Falls, SD!

Lawn Edging

Madison Lawn & Landscape will help you create curb appeal by removing the excess grass that hangs over sidewalks, curbing and driveways. Edging also creates a channel, which helps direct the water off of driveways and walkways.

Sprinkler System Installation & Maintenance

Madison Lawn & Landscape installs commercial and residential Rain Bird sprinkler systems. To ensure full coverage, we will make sure that you have the appropriate number of zones and sprinkler heads.

In the Spring, we can start and align your sprinkler system to ensure proper function and full coverage, as well as, repair issues. In the Winter, we can remove water from the lines and turn the system off. Winterization is extremely important in maintaining the integrity of the sprinkler system and lines.

Additional Services

Madison Lawn & Landscape offers complete year-round lawn care services, landscaping services, chemical treatments, full-service snow removal and much more. Check out these additional services for your home or business!

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