Commercial & Residential Snow Removal

Madison Lawn Care Is A Certified Member Of The Snow & Ice Management Association

Commercial & Residential Snow Removal

We offer prompt hassle-free snow removal from your sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, walkways, and entrances.

Call 605-336-7744 today to schedule regular snow removal or take advantage of our zero-tolerance policy.

Roof Raking

Trust our friendly and knowledgeable team to remove heavy snow from your residential or commercial property. Removing heavy snow from your roof can prevent leaks, bowing and collapsing.

Snow Pile Removal

Parking space is valuable and we can arrive promptly after the storm to clear snow piles. This optimizes your parking spaces and reduces ice build-up from melting snow piles. Our professionals can visit your business to clear the piles quickly and efficiently.

Ice Melt Applications

Safety matters, so when you want your walkways and sidewalks to remain ice-free, call Madison Lawn Care. We’ll apply ice melt or brine with an extra additive to your high traffic areas to help create safe, ice-free surfaces.

Parking Lot De-Icing

Parking areas with snow and ice can pose a slip and fall hazard. That’s why we offer a variety of de-icing solutions for your property to suit every situation.

Our liquid salt brine contains a corrosion inhibitor and has little to no tracking into businesses. This brine offers superior performance and can be applied as a pre or post treatment.

Another option is road salt, or a combination of sand and road salt. This works for large areas and is perfect for your parking lot. Why use a blend with sand? Sand creates friction when you walk or drive over it, which creates traction and allows you to walk or drive safely.

Sidewalk Safety

For sidewalk safety, we suggest using ice melt, which melts snow and ice quickly. We also use salt brine with an additive to ensure the brine works at an even lower temperature than normal.

Snow Removal Packages

Madison Lawn Care offers Zero-Tolerance snow removal, meaning our professionals are ready to remove snow from your residential or commercial property regardless of day or time.

Take advantage of our Zero-Tolerance solution, which means we stay onsite and remove any snow or ice until the property is clear and there are no more safety concerns.

Our Basic Plan includes servicing the property when the storm has ended to remove any snow and ice accumulation.

We also offer Seasonal Rates, where you pay a flat fee each month during the season.

Call 605-336-7744 today for premiere snow removal.

Our Equipment

We use only current and top-of-the-line snow removal equipment. Some of our premiere large equipment payloaders for parking lots are equipped with Metal Pless blades with live edges to better contour the surface for a more uniform clearing of snow. Because these plows contour to the surface we’re clearing, they remove snow across a variety of uneven surfaces.

We also use Skidsteers, which remove snow using Metal Pless blades, as well as plow trucks with blades located on the front and back of the vehicle for quick and efficient snow removal.

We clear your sidewalks and walkways with Ventracs, which are equipped with brooms, blades and snow blowers. We also utilize BOSS Snowrator brand equipment with blades. This is the most efficient equipment on the market.


We are proud to be members of the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA). Our team members stay up to date on the latest safety training and efficiency practices for snow plowing and ice management. That means when we remove snow and ice, our professionals have the knowledge to be thorough and safe.